Losing my faith

Growing up Baptist in a poor black neighborhood taught me a few things. Number 1- Never trust “the man”. Number 2- When mixing drinks Kool Aid is a good option. And Number 3- Gospel music is AMAZING! Whether or not I believe in Jesus is irrelevant. I enjoy music, and I enjoy things made with passion (for instance I make my taco’s with much passion, thus I enjoy them). I love the energy and power a gospel choir has. If politics were set this way I would know what was going on.

Please take a few seconds to view this amazing choir. Look at the energy in that group. It sucks you in and  makes you want to know more about this man they sing about. What has gotten them so excited and how can I get some?

But with all good things there are white people around fuck it up. Not that I am racist in any way, I just find the majority tends to take anything the minority has, whiten it up, and sell it at a discount price (Taco Bell, Kung Fu/Chuck Norris). As a result you get something like this.

I loooved this song when I was a kid. My grandmother would play this record all the time and I do not recall it being so “jazzy”. They replaced the church organ and soulful vocals with a casio keyboard and funk guitar.And why?

Cuz white people enjoy sucking the soul out of everything good and pure.


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