Busy Busy Busy

Yes. That has been my life these past few months. I have gotten myself into some pretty boring crap lately. School and work has been taking up most of my time. If you wanna hear about some of my homework go visit Grumpy.

I also went to the orthodontist today. He took off my old braces and gave me new ones. I got the kind kids get that come with colorful rubber bands. This months color is powder blue.

Some other things I have been doing: Had more than one scary moment in a taxi, made gumbo, faked doing drugs so drunks would think I was “down”, cleaned my house, working out and counting calories for fun, set aside the Sookie Stackhouse novels for now to begin reading Wicked, took nose ring out.

I also bought an electric/fake wood burning stove. I put it inside my fireless fire place. It looks silly now but once the lights are down and I got that fake fire going with some Harry Potter on the tv……pure romance!

I got these snow cleats that you attach to the bottom of your shoes for more friction. We had our first snow today (well, yesterday really but today was the first day I left the house). I may have jumped the gun with the cleats. The snow fell on the ground and pretty much melted away. On a positive note I walked to school tap dancing (or at least sounding like was).

Did you know I am renting and learning the oboe?

Tonight I am gonna play that bitch, along with hula hooping and baking peanut butter cup cupcakes.


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