Tv makes me who I am

I know people who are hypochondriacs. They read about a disease and all of a sudden they are on deaths door. Well, that is not me. I truly believe I am gonna die fighting a tiger while saving a bus full of school children and elderly folks. That is just the kinda girl I am.

But this does not stop me from believing I share the same fate as people on tv. If I watch a show where a woman is pregnant I start thinking I feel a baby kicking my insides, even if I am on my lady time. Recently I watched a show where a girl had body dysmorphic disorder. I decided I had that too. I started thinking that maybe I think I am ugly. I started working out a bunch while eating a lot less. This lasted 3 days.

I don’t have body dysmorphic disorder. No one that looks at themselves half naked in the mirror as much as I do does. No one that takes photos like this and posts them online would suffer such a disorder.

God, I miss that sun!!!!!

I think my problem is I feel what women feel, even if that is not part of my life. I hate the fashion industry for creating an image of what beauty is suppose to be and causing women to starve and hate their bodies, even if I have never hated my body personally. I hate that we women judge and belittle each other because one wears Uggs and sweats while the other wears heels and skirts.

We try to pretend we know what is sexy and what men want. Well having four brothers and dating various men I think I know what they want.

You!!! Not your shoes, clothes, or hair. They want “dat ass”. And they should.

Got some junk in dat trunk? Honey, don’t starve. Men have written songs in your honor. Boobs too small? Never stopped me from getting attention. But it is easy for me to say “get over it, love yourself!” cuz I think I look good. Damn good. And I have people in my life who never make me feel less than myself (of course when I start acting like the Queen of Sheba they tear me down a few pegs but thats expected, I’m an asshole).

I am not sure what makes a woman decide to hate her body. I do know that tv does not help. Watching shows where women are starving themselves, even if it is to teach a lesson, makes me think I am doing something wrong in my life. Being happy with myself, how dare I? Where is my movie? Who wants to see a curvy girl golly, drunk, and shaking her ass on the dance floor?

I do. And so do men.

And lesbians. Can’t forget the lesbians.


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