The Name Game


What a delightfully Jewish name. If my mom knew what she was doing maybe she would have thought twice before giving me my name. Of course she didn’t name me Shalome originally. Due to all the drugs she was on in the hospital the name on my birth certificate is Shlom. Sounds like a disease or piece of lunch meat. Lucky for me she changed it a month later.

Shalome Anita-Leigh Hill. That’s my name. And curious enough my initials are also the first four letters of my name. Since I will soon be an Oakley I get to add another letter to my name. Now all I need is the M and the E and I will have my first name spelled out with all the initials of  my name. Perhaps I should keep my first husbands last name Eastman. Almost covered. Then, just for kicks I will add my moms maiden name Medina. There. With all the extra hyphenated last names added on I can have my initials spell out my first name.

Then what?


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