2009: You were okay I suppose

So much has happened since I rang in the new year last year. The only thing I recall from that new years party was yelling at people to find my missing socks. How they became missing I do not know.

Those were younger, simpler times.

2009 started with me being drunk, cold, and homesick. This first few months tested my relationship with old grumps while also testing my widening waist line. I moved up a few pant sizes while my ego moved down a few.

By spring things seemed to be in order. I was taking private clarinet lessons and in a French class. My drinking became homebound and I was loving the melting snow.

Then I got deported.

For the month of May the lovely grumpus took care of my Davy while I was sent back to Sacramento to get my affairs in order. I spent this time bonding with Janell who has to be one of the nicest people on the planet. Though she is a vegan she didn’t mind my midnight beef jerky feasts.

Then I came back to Canada, spent a few months chasing the sun then went to school. While I rode out the rest of the year in school I made a few new friends, began jarring stuff, got engaged, and lost a Bruno.

I ended this kinda dull/very eventful year spending Christmas with a very nice family with good food. It reminded me of when the Ingalls went to Winoka and that street urchin Albert decides to hang about. The family feels sorry for him and feeds him. Then he never leaves. That’s pretty much what happened this Christmas. I was given a nice meal and a warm bed. Then as I left to make my way back home I said a pleasant “See you next year!!” followed by an angry mumbled “whether you like it or not!!!!”

That’s kind of the Hill Family motto for new years: See you next year, whether you like it or not!!!!!

We have enemies.


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