Goodbye tenth doctor

David Tennant is my favorite doctor. Maybe it’s my love of a man in a suit or maybe I just like Scottish people. We had some good times together.

I won’t pretend I have always been a die hard Doctor Who fan. I wasn’t. The only reason I watched the show as a child was because in the 80’s at 1am your entertainment options were limited. I could watch infomercials or Doctor Who followed by The Star Gazer.

Trust me, if Night Court was on I would have watched that in an instant.

Anyways back to Doctor Who.

I am really glad they turned Tennant’s last moments into a series of specials. I am not sure I could have handled a season with ANOTHER companion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rose and Donna (and kinda not hate Martha) but the change over every season is just too much. Especially since the old one always returns during season finales. (I will get into the companions in a later post cuz trust me, I can go on for days).

Tennant had a good run and it is time for him to leave but gosh darn it, I cried. When I flip through the channels and see him on the screen my belly hurts with giddiness. Sure, there are things about him I hated (like the fact he fell in love, his mood swings and his playing the ‘I’m the last of the Time Lords’ pity card all the time).Still he was fun, exciting, and had empathy. He made me love the show.

Tenth doctor, you will be missed (but not really since I have the DVD’s)


One Response to “Goodbye tenth doctor”

  1. David Larson Says:

    I grew up in the 60’s, loved sci-fi, and off beat shows like Outer Limits. You’d think I’d have been all over Doctor Who since I was a big fan of british tv from early on, The Avengers, Persuaders, UFO, Space 1999, and my all-time fav… The Prisoner. I fell in love with the doctor after rediscovering the show during the 10th season 2005-10 with David Tennant and probably the same way most Bond fans feel about Connery, I cannot imagine anyone else but Tennant in the role. Likewise I cannot imagine the show without Donna, Rose and Martha as his companions. I doubt I will watch the show again without David Tennant as the doctor… but Who knows?

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