The Companions

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As stated before I am going to discuss some Doctor Who companions. I am not familiar with EVERY companion (yet) so for now lets focus on the new series shall we?

I am not counting Mickey, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack Harkness, or K9 on this list because they had very short runs and I would like to discuss them more in the future individually.

First off :ROSE

I will admit when I started watching the new series I didn’t want to like Rose Tyler. As a dark haired lady I have a slight bias towards blonds. Of course I never hold a grudge and in fact some of my favorite tv characters are blond (Kelly Taylor on 90210, Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls, and even Nelly Oleson on Little House on the Prairie). It didn’t take long for me to appreciate and even root for Rose. I loved the chemistry between her and the 9th Doctor (teacher and student) and wished that could have been shared between her and the 10th Doctor (love sick puppy and pity party dude).

Likes: Rose could stand on her own. Street smart and normal. Dressed appropriately. Grew to love the Doctor instead of instantly becoming obsessed (Martha I’m looking at you!”). Favorite Episode: Doomsday (I cried)

Dislikes: Treated her mom and Mickey like crap. Thought she was better than other people and entitled to be on the TARDIS. Least Favorite Episode: New Earth (Dude, he’s new and you are already making girlie eyes at him? Don’t you miss that Eccleston smile?)

Next up: MARTHA

I had high hopes for Martha. She’s brown-I’m brown, she’s a doctor-I go to doctors, she’s pretty- I go to doctors, I thought this was my time to shine! I was wrong. Martha broke social/racial boundaries for the show (sorry Mickey you don’t count) but she did nothing for the storyline. She immediately fell for the Doctor and for the rest of her travels was nothing but a bitter love sick baby. And for being a doctor herself she knew very little about anything. Seriously they made the first black female companion second best. Of course, we the fans love and prefer Rose but they also made the Doctor the same way creating a character who is not quite good enough then they wonder why we don’t like her? You made her pathetic and unlikeable. Now I am not playing the race card here, if they had any actress playing Martha she would be just as bad. I am just mad they thought they were doing a good/new thing by making her black then giving her such a weak and vulnerable character. Then of course at the end of her run (last episode) they give her a stronger role and toss her to Torchwood saying “See, she was strong and brave all along”. Well, you fooled me.

Likes: She was *suppose* to be smart and independent. She’s black. She flirted with Captain Jack (who wouldn’t?). She loves and respects her family. Favorite Episode: Last of the Time Lords (Her strongest role)

Dislikes: Where to begin? Everything. She even wore inappropriate running shoes.

Finally: DONNA

Where do I begin with Donna Noble? I LOOOOOOVE HER!!!!

Ever since I saw her in Runaway Bride I loved this woman. She is an older,sassy, funny lady. She was a perfect companions for the 10th Doctor. He needed to get away from love sick kids and just have a buddy to travel with for a while. She made me love the show again. I can’t even discuss her because I love her too much. She was strong (even after her first fiancee tried to kill her) and perfect (even though she has a tendency to be hung over often).

Likes: Everything. She put the Doctor in check when he didn’t show empathy or was just acting a fool. She was never jealous of the other companions. Funny and charming. Good natured with a short temper. Favorite Episode: Turn Left

Dislikes: A bit self absorbed. Least Favorite Episode: Not sure yet. Let me re-watch this series and get back to you.


One Response to “The Companions”

  1. onegirlgeek Says:

    I just wanted to say I like your commentary on these Doctor Who companions. I agree with you that I can’t find much to dislike about Donna; she’s my favorite for sure. 🙂

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