Things have been happening and I have been trying to hold on for dear life not to fall off this speeding train. It’s hard to write from the heart when you have been focusing on the belly.

Mainly I got married a couple of weeks ago. One would think I would immediately post the good news with lovely pictures and great life lessons. WRONG!

I spent my new married life getting in as much sex as possible (I hear it leaves after the ring is on the finger), eating as much as possible (I eat during happy, sad, angry, bored, or any other emotional time), and working out (my metabolism isn’t what it use to be and the summer is gonna come sooner than I think).

To read more about the marriage check out the hubby’s post.

I have also been very busy with school. I am currently doing field placement with a PSW that has been in the health care field for over 30 years. I think I know what I am suppose to do but it is very intimidating being with someone who is so natural, graceful, and pleasant in her job. She is also a perfectionist, which is good for her clients but not so good for me. Well, I guess in the long run this will only make me a better PSW. She is certainly one that does not half step. Maybe this is why she has clients for over 12 years, who consider her family. I have always stated that I learn more with discipline, now it is my time to prove it.

Lastly I must speak from the heart about these past many months here in Canada

I have spent a lot of time here venting about how I dislike Canada. Yes, they do not have good Mexican food. Yes, the people can be a bit crazy. Of course, the winter sucks. But I have met some very wonderful people who deserve mad props. My grumps, of course, is the best guy in the world. I can’t imagine trying to date me for more than a month without plotting murder-then following through with it. He has not only kept me alive, but kept me happy. Compromise is very big in our relationship. That compromise is I chill out and he doesn’t dump me for someone sane. Sounds easy enough.

There is also my partner in crime (and by crime I mean eating homemade cookies and watching Buffy) Amie. Just the other night I made cookies using her recipe. Deeeelish!

She likes the same crappy TV shows I like. She is a good hang over partner as well. Even though it’s been almost 4 weeks since I saw her I am sure we will see each other soon. She has a man and a tan so…..

Finally there are my girls. They get excited for me when I am not even excited for myself. They bring out the hillbilly in me. And when I need some good boy venting they are always willing to lend me an ear. I am not sure what I would have done with myself this school year without them. They keep me motivated.

There are also a few others here but I ran out of pictures and TV is on.

Thank you Canada!!!!!


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