My rant that ruined Friday Night Dinner

I remember when I was a kid my Aunt Mamie always said she had a “very low tolerance for bullshit”. I never understood what that meant but I knew one thing, she was mean and liked to yell.

As it turns out I inherited this “no bullshit handling” trait.

I get extremely angry and yell when someone feeds me lines. I feel like they are trying to play me for a fool. And my poppa didn’t raise no fools. Drunks,yes. Lazy assholes, of course. But definitely no fools.

Aunt Mamie would yell at us kids “Act right or get out o’ my house!!” before taking a giant swing from her booze jar. I thought she was just a cranky old lady. As I got older I realize she had some very valid points. This WAS her house. She didn’t spend all that time cleaning and cooking for some punks to mess it up. And why should some little brats come into her house and ruin her buzz? It’s not even Christmas!

That is where I am at now. Except I am dealing with grown folks. They come into my life (house) and act like they were raised in a barn. Rarely considerate, always complaining, and never direct. If you have something to say just say it! Don’t tell me you dislike something than kiss it’s ass later.

Look, I dislike Pamela. I disliked her yesterday, I dislike her today, and I will dislike her tomorrow unless I change my mind. Then I will tell you! But you cannot tell me you dislike Pamela when all I see you do is brown nose. Now, this whole thing has nothing to do with Pamela, I was just using her as an example (my private life use to be private online)

You can’t shit on my porch and call it pudding, baby!


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