I admit, I can be a bit kooky

So every month I get incredibly annoyed at people. I am not sure why. There are just a few days there when I hate EVERYTHING. But now I am back to being my charming self.

Go NorCal!!

Recently some schmuck told my gullible husband Sacramento has three bars. Three!

I’ve drank in at least 7 bars on one given evening, and didn’t have to leave midtown. I really dislike when people (this particular one living in Citrus Heights for a month or so) tries to talk about Sacramento like they lived there. I was there for 29 years and I still don’t know the city. Every time I go back to visit there is a new bar for me to discover.

But I don’t wanna discuss this guys ignorance, I wanna talk about me.

I am now back to my clever, selfless, adorable self. I think very highly of myself, I really do. I think I make an incredible companion and sometimes I wish I were not me so I could become my best friend.

I thought I was wonderful until I accidentally came upon a delightful movie called  “Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story”. According to this movie, this Don Cherry character is the hardest working and most caring guy to play this game called hockey.He is always getting the shaft even though, through enthusiastic narration, he seems to be the only player that doesn’t seem sleazy and cold. Just bad luck I suppose.

I will admit I am only half ass watching and yet I came across the fantastic scene where he is practicing and  knocks a teammate down with a powerful head check. Then he says something to the effect of “That guy just got up and kept playing even though he was hurt. I will always respect that.” What?? You hit him in the head with your stick!!!

But then I understood. Don Cherry thinks Don Cherry is so amazing that by hitting people in the head his stick he is actually doing them a favor . It helps a man learn how to fight off pain and gain the respect of his peers. After some half ass research (a quick google) I discovered this Don Cherry is no ordinary man, not to Canadians. He is something more powerful and many would be proud and honored to be smacked in the head with his magical stick.

Now I don’t feel very special.


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