Janky Guts

I love being American. We enjoy such highbrow things as gold teeth, wearing Ameircan flag shirts, and Lady Gaga. If my country had to be summed up by a member of society we would be the strung out drag queen wondering the streets at 3am looking for a party. There is no such thing as too much.

And now we have a reason to party. We will be dead soon. On April 12th KFC plans to launch its new gut wrenching sandwich.

Thats right! Fried chicken is the new bread.

One would think as a black person I would be thrilled. But I actually like my arteries. It bothers me when they get clogged. I also enjoy such luxuries as clear skin and an anus that doesn’t drip.

But who am I to judge? I have been living in communist Canada long enough to think having high some food standards and trying to be healthy is important.


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