I am hung over.

I dislike this feeling very much. My belly hurts, my face hurts, and I lost a whole day that could have been spent playing with Davy in the park.

Yesterday started delightful. I woke in the arms of a lovely man (fighting off tickles). I then did some shopping and got my hair did. Then it was date night!!!

This is me fresh faced pre-booze. Look at that dimple.

This was at the Harlem Globetrotters, my favorite part of the day. I ate a fantastic hot dog. My date wasn’t as clear headed as me, which was a bit of a bummer. But those Globetrotters where AMAZING!! And we had some pretty awesome seats.

The coach for the Washington Generals was my favorite character.  He had an umbrella that could hypnotize the players. He yelled at kids. He had a lavender suit and a cane. He is my new hero.

After the game we headed to a party. That was my downfall.

I had a nice time but that open bar just about killed me. By the time I got home I was a complete mess. My date was no better.

But he was still very stunning. I was not. So now it is time I make the same declaration I make every time I am hung over.

I am going to stop drinking!

Maybe typing it out here will help in some way. I am almost 31. I need to start acting like a normal person. I want to feel good about myself. I do not want to waste anymore days.

4 years ago my world completely changed. Between then and now I have had quite an adventure. I made some poor choices and a few good ones as well. I want to keep moving ahead, try new things, and enjoy myself. I am pretty happy with my life right now.


One Response to “Stop.”

  1. Dan The Generals Fan Says:

    The Washington Generals Coach should be everyone’s hero.

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