This just in: Shalome is NOT depressed!

I always thought of myself as a depressed person. I cry easily. I get very blue. And sometimes I even complain. Since I was in the third grade I recall being extremely upset by the fact I had to go to school. I would fight with mom every morning just to stay home. It is not like I was bullied or had trouble reading. Kids disliked me as much as I disliked them. And I enjoyed school work. My biggest problem was waking up.

I am the type that enjoys getting up on my own. I should be up whenever my body tells me to. This lack of sleeping plagued me through out high school as well. I never made it to first period, whatever class that was, but I was sure fresh faced for sixth period Marching Band.

For years I thought I was depressed when really I was just sleepy.

After doing a class project on depression I realized I am not depressed at all, in fact I suffer from delusions of grandeur. I think I am much prettier than cameras or mirrors can capture. I am smart AND funny. I am self less and honest. And most of all I am pretty tough (except when I see a spider).

You may see this

and think its some hobo with too much time wasted online but I see the loveliest angel to grace this land.

Maybe I wanted to be depressed because I was a teen in the 90’s. Being sad was cool and being cheerful was for dorks high on life. All my friends had therapists and the coolest friend had the most severe mental disorder.

But look at me. I love to laugh. I am so happy I dance with my dog. I giggle for no reason. I don’t dislike Canada.

This is good.


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