Doctor Who: Matt Smith

I am midway through the premier of the eleventh doctor and so far so good. I have yet to enjoy the new opening sequence but I like this Doctor. He is fun and energetic.

I also enjoy the story of his meeting his new companion, Amelia “Amy” Pond. Through my readings I saw the older crowd finds this new companion a bit to sexual and I can not agree more. I admit she is an attractive young lady but having a girl almost 10 years younger than me play a borderline prostitute? I guess middle aged men need something to get excited about.

I am not amused!

They also made her into another Rose almost immediately, with a “boyfriend” she is in denial of. I hope they give Amelia more of a personality and storyline and not just another lovesick joy kill.

I am very impressed with how soon I accepted this new Doctor and I hope they make Amelia(Amy) just as loveable.

Now to finish the episode…..


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