Romance, Time Lord style

After watching the premier of the eleventh Doctor I realize we may have another love triangle on our hands. The guys in England must be thrilled to know at any moment a Time Lord can walk into their lives and steal their women.

The tenth Doctor is the sexiest by far. His sexy suits and slim physique made him a great treat to watch. He was also funny and smart. Those glasses, ohhhhh boy! He loved the attention of ladies (and Captain Jack) and used that to his advantage. This man knew he had the goods.

When Rose first met this Doctor she was freaked out. Slowly she realized what a hunk he was (she loves a powerful man). Then loved began. That would be all fine and dandy if she wasn’t involved with Mickey Smith.

Of course like most men on the show who are not the Doctor or evil-doers, Mickey was a jealous coward. Instead of realizing Rose was a user and loser, he kept fawning over her hoping she will one day realize what a stand up man he is. He even went as far as keeping her mom company while Rose traveled with her new dreamboat.


The eleventh Doctor is a bit young for my taste. He isn’t ugly but he’s no stud. This Doctor is the type of guy whose personality makes him 10 times more attractive than he really is. After watching the first episode I could tell I was gonna like this boy. A lot. The bow tie also helped bump up his handsome points.

Amelia “Amy” Pond also noticed these looks. Either that or she is willing to ditch her semi-boyfriend/fiancee for any man that lands in her yard. Poor Rory Williams.

First off he is a nurse (good way to emasculate this character early on writers!). Secondly he is a push over as seen in the first episode. He doesn’t stand up for himself, tends to be a bumbling idiot, and is instantly called ugly to our amusement. It makes you wonder why Amelia is even involved with such a pussy. Is there NO other man in her town?

Now I have only seen the first episode so we can only assume Rory is the guy she is currently engaged to. Even if she isn’t there are a number of men in her area she is willing to ditch for a strange man in a police box?

It’s like all these girls are just waiting for a man with two hearts to rescue them from their boring relationships. It makes me wonder how many women are keeping an eye out for the TARDIS.

I am no saint but I likes the man I got and ain’t no Time Lord gonna take me away from him.


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