Make me babies!!!!

So out of boredom I went to this site where you can submit photos of yourself and someone you might like to breed with and it shows what your spawn would look like. Kinda like Conan O’Briens “If they mated” but not as funny. Anyways I chose the only pics I had handy on my desktop and came up with little Rylome:

Now I am thinking perhaps there was a mix up somewhere cuz that is one white ass baby! Then I thought the pic I used for Ryan was too nice and the pic of myself didn’t quite manifest the crazy face I am known to have. So I got real and after some picture digging I got little Mister:

What is up with all these motherfuckin honkeys up in my motherfuckin uterus???

Honestly that teddy bear at the bottom looks more like me then that kid does!


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