The cleanse-five days later

This is a day to day update on how I feel while taking this cleanse.

Day One

I smoked a cigarette this morning. Wasn’t quite ready to quit. I took the cleanse pills afterwards and they are not only the biggest pills ever, they are also the nastiest. During the day I slipped a few times, eating home fries for breakfast and some jasmine rice and tandoori chicken for dinner. For snacks I had carrots and cucumber. Meat isn’t forbidden as long as it is cooked healthy and tandoori is not the healthiest. By midnight I was STARVING and ate two tortillas. I also started wearing the nicotine patch. When I went to bed my stomach was killing me. Too painful to take the 2nd part of the cleanse system, two colon cleanse pills you take at bed. I also walked a few miles in my new Reebok EasyTone shoes. At first they hurt the heel of my foot but after ten minutes I got use to them. I walked much more than 5000 as my pedometer says. But I also think it’s broken and adds on more steps then I actually did 😦

Day Two

One cigarette.

Day Three


So yeah. I quit. Atleast with the cleanse pill taking and dark meat eating. Those cleanse pills really mess up your guts. I was in pain for days. I think you can cleanse yourself just by eating right and drinking lots of water.

As for the smoking, well some recent unfortunate events have appeared in my life that has required many thought-filled smoking sessions. These are private matters but I will tell you this, things are gonna change.

And change is always a bit stressful.


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