Birthday Round-Up

My birthday was Tuesday April 27th. How did I spend such a special night? I drank tea and watched Glee. I was in my pajamas by 6pm and in bed by midnight. It was a good night.

I actually planned a whole week of fun filled sober events. I began work on my tattoos which will be shown once finished, I attended a Blue Jays game, I sent an angry email to Baskin Robbins demanding a free birthday ice cream cone (they mailed me a coupon by the way), I hoped to see the Harry Potter exhibit (going to do that later this week), and I ate Korean food with a dear friend.

Then Sunday arrived and I felt I deserved to indulge in a few libations. I figured if I went out, had a couple of drinks, and got home at a reasonable time things should be fine.


It’s not the things I do that worry me, I have managed to move from raging party girl to drunken bitter old hag in the course of my living in Canada. Good switch now that I am married and in my 30’s. It’s the after effects of drinking. I don’t cook or clean. I look out at the lovely sunny day and can only wish my gut wasn’t turning. Poor Davy must sit in a dark dank apartment with me all day. And I miss out on fun lunch dates with some pretty wonderful girlfriends.

Plus this laziness does not help with the new more active Shalome I am trying to be. I wanna be buff!!!

So here’s to hopefully another lesson learned and lets hope this year is a bit better than the last.


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