CATS The Musical/ My childhood crushes

I have wanted to see CATS since I was a little girl and realized my fantasy was reality. I loved cats and I loved dancing. 90% of my childhood halloween costumes were feline. I saw parts of the musical on TV and always wanted to see it live. Of course life happened. I had a job, school, friends, and a drinking habit and CATS slipped my mind.

Until now.

I saw CATS this weekend with my husband. He HATED it.

I feel the opposite. I loved every minute of the thing (with the exception of being harassed at intermission). I loved the costumes, the songs, the dancing, and most of all Rum Tum Tugger.

He would have fit in perfectly with the childhood crushes I had. While you sad excuses for humans were crushing on Alyssa Milano and River Pheonix, I was above all that. No scrawny actor could ever win my heart. I don’t know them. My heart was given to characters. They don’t get bad haircuts or die outside of clubs

Cobra Commander was my first crush. I believed he had good intentions and was misunderstood. I was also sure he was extremely attractive under his mask but didn’t want to be judged based on his looks. Or maybe I am just like a man with power.

As I got older I moved on from liking a cartoon to a costume. Robbie Sinclair was my new love. He was the all American teenage boy, except a dinosaur. He was the first guy I ever saw with a mohawk (though not really) so there was something unique about him.

Okay, I am just odd. I can’t sit here and try to reason why I wanted to date a guy in a dinosaur costume. I just did. Shut up.

My final crush that took my through junior year of high school was Count Fangula from Big Bad Beetleborgs. Since I had younger brothers I watched this show often. Enough to develop a crush on a cowardly vampire that fainted at the sight of blood.

When I was 18 I worked at Tower Video and bought a copy of a Big Bad Beetleborg VHS because I missed looking at him. It came with a contest card for something or other and when I scratched it I realized I had just won the “Coolest Kid On The Planet” Contest for FOXkids.  Again, I was 18. So I lied about my age, mailed in the card, got my name on TV, and won over 20 VHS tapes of crappy cartoons. A stoners dream.

I still got that Big Bad Beetleborg VHS somewhere.


One Response to “CATS The Musical/ My childhood crushes”

  1. Matt Willis Says:

    You are sick. Hahaha…Robbie Sinclair a freak!

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