Arizona: Maybe not a bad idea after all.

Being an American living in another country can get a bit annoying. When people see insane Americans such as the Tea Party they assume ALL Americans are like that. We are not. Only the most extremely annoying people get their shot on TV. Not all California girls shop all day and not all Americans hate brown people.

But some of us do.

As an American I have learned an accepted the fact that some of us are just plain racist. We pride ourselves on freedom and unity and people of all colors coming together for a better America. What we have is Palin, the KKK, and the Tea Party Movement. We must acknowledge this. Some people just think white is right.

Like Arizona.

So why can’t we work with this idea. Some people want an all Caucasian society. They want their political leaders and neighbors to look just like them. How about we give them Arizona? We can move all the brown, yellow, Jewish, and gay folks outta Arizona into more open minded states and just fill up Arizona with those groups I mentioned before, the racist one. Then they can be contained in one area and we will know what state to avoid (though personally the cactus and heat was enough to keep me from Arizona). They will be happy and we will be happy to not see them.

I should be president.


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