dear diary

Thursday, July 31, 2008

soul food-i recently discovered broadway soul food on the corner of 35th and of course broadway. i have lived on 33rd/32nd street for about 7ish years now and i have seen the broadway soul food sign almost everyday yet it did not occur to me that this place might sell soul food. but it does. oh boy it does! i went there for the first time last weekend and they already know me by name. i cant get enough of this place which does not go well with shalomes summer swim suit diet. i recommend this place if you enjoy fried catfish or just watching a cute guy with cornrows baking a 2 ft chocolate cake.

spider bites- i have a few and they do not feel good. janell believes i have a spider colony out to get me but i think there is one asshole racist spider who decided to become my roommate. i saw him once just looking at me shaking a tiny fist. i would have got him if i wasnt such a chicken shit and started screaming running out the room while pissing my pants a bit. i am scared of spiders. thats it. there is nothing that could be done about this. and biting me does not help matters. like bees and asians i hear they are more scared of you then you are of them. but seriously,spiders. they are fast. they have zillion legs. and now they bite.

canada- again. i know. its sad. i leave on monday with a layover in atlanta when i return. im thinking about staying in atlanta for a few days. maybe. like spiders, bees, and asians, those southern folks kinda scare me. i know they stopped lynching but with my luck it would become fashionable the moment i arrive. “we kill california liberals now”,but of course. again,as always if anyone wants maple candy or postcards hit me up.


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