Getting away

I went to the lake with my grumpus to visit the in-laws. They live in a beautiful small town resort type of thing. Lots of places to swim and tan.

It was very romantic. The hubby did a more detailed post here. He is better at explaining stuff. All I know is that I finally got to swim in a lovely warm lake. I am use to the American/ Sacramento Rivers and Lake Tahoe where no matter how hot it is the water is freezing. I am not sure what lake I was at this time but I loved it. It felt perfect.

I am not a city person. Sacramento is more of a tiny town full of trees. I enjoy the clean air and quiet scenery. I currently live near  very busy streets, between Bloor and  College street. When I think of Toronto I think of my apartment. When I think of my apartment I think of cement. Hot, muggy, smelly cement.  I have tried going to the park but Trinity Bellwoods is next to Queen street, which in my opinion is a dirty pisshole of a street. It’s full of crazies and shoppers. The park itself is full of teenagers looking for a place to drink. At night it is tolerable but during the day time, my most moody time, it is nerve racking.

Being able to leave town and spend some relaxing time with my new family was much needed. I came back into the city refreshed. The hubby and I decided we won’t wait another year for a trip away.

This summer we are gonna have us some adventures


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