Tales of Bruno

Ever since Bruno ran away last November I have been haunted by nightmares he would return at my window and force himself back into my life. He was one of the most difficult roommates I ever had. He would pee all over my stuff, jump on the tv and counters, knock everything over, and bite. He would also return home late at night covered in blood after hunting and killing some poor unsuspecting animal.

My friends tried to reassure me he was long dead, killed either by the Canadian winter or the Toronto killer racoons. I never believed them. I could feel Brunos evil presence in my bones. I knew he was out there somewhere and today I saw him.

At first, after I recognized him, I considered walking across the street and pretending the sighting never happened. Then I thought “what if it’s not him? I don’t wanna go around being scared for no reason.” So I called his name and sure enough he came running towards me like a long lost best friend. He rubbed himself against me and tried to climb up my purse. After a few pets and pictures I needed an exit strategy.

Its like running into an old flame at the bar. You are drunk, they are drunk, you guys are chatting, how is this gonna end? Will you walk away with your dignity or wake up the next day with your mistake?

Luckily Bruno got distracted by something moving in some bushes and I walked/ran away not looking back. I am happy to see him alive but happier knowing he isn’t ruining my life.

Godspeed Bruno.


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