Winter 2010 hobbies

I decided I would like to get into things before the snow comes. Staring at the tv is fine if you have company, but alone it is just sad. Unless there is a Roseanne marathon on. That requires my full attention. Since my braces came off I have been playing the clarinet more. I even learned ‘O Canada’. Since I don’t have a printer I have to write out the music myself.

I have also tried to learn the oboe but I believe the F key is broken. Luckily I get to take it into the shop for free.

My second new hobby is in-home walking. I know I have been doing this for years but I usually quit in the Summer. It gets too hot indoors. But I am back. So with the walking and going to Curves three times a week I should be healthy and fit in no time. I must admit I did eat three tostadas today which did not help.

My third winter hobby is making ships in bottles.

I ordered two kits and I can’t wait to begin. I have always admired people on tv making them. They are so cool and little and junk.

My fourth hobby is gonna be learning algebra. I have plenty of free time at night when the gym is closed and people are sleeping so I can’t play any music. Algebra has been a thorn in my side since 1994 when I failed my first algebra class. I need to win. I can’t let stupid math beat me.

There are also things I wanna continue doing like jarring pickles/salsa/jams, reading vampire novels, writing more stuff here, and such.

Today was a lazy day, I just helped the hubby by putting paint on his nose.

*Pats self on back*


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