So today I was told that perhaps I have SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This did not cross my mind. I mean sure, I have been sleeping in until 4pm with a total of 11 hours of sleep per night. And yes, I have no energy. I spend one day a week cooking/cleaning/and shopping while the rest of the week I am too tired to get off the couch. And for the past few weeks I have been emotional and sensitive. But I still didn’t realize anything was wrong.

My theory was snow makes me lazy. And who doesn’t enjoy cuddling on the couch on a cold blustery day?

But I am glad I found out this laziness and bad mood isn’t my typical manner. I am glad my friend didn’t just say “Well, thats Shalome.” and move on. Now I know there are things I need to do to get my life back on track.

Just last month I was hitting the gym at least twice a week, drinking blended fruit juice, doing tai chi, and so on. Lately I have been watching Christmas themed movies on the W network (Canada’s version of Lifetime). The one I saw last night starred  Linda Hamilton as some divorcee that gets mugged, loses everything, and sleeps in her car. But she has her pride and during a montage she works out on stairs, studies for her realtors license at the library, and finds great clothes for free at a shelter. She gets her life back together just in time for Christmas.

Thats what I need to do.



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