I likes food

So I decided to stop writing. I got hit with the winter blues and all I wanted to do was eat and watch Roseanne. And I did. Then today I made Pork Green Chili and thought I need to share this with the world.

Pork green chili is one of those dishes that looks horrid but tastes oh so good. Separately everything in it is pretty. Shredded pork, tomatillos, poblano and hatch peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc. Everything looks and smells so nice and fresh. Then you simmer if for a few hours and it looks like vomit. It’s the opposite of my husband so looks great on the outside but is a total………nevermind.

With the pork green chili I made spanish rice (my mom’s recipe) and tortillas. I made the dough for the tortillas but my roommate Amie have to roll them out because I have weak toddler arms and couldn’t get them flat enough. My tortilla looked more like pita. But the rest looked (and tasted) good.

This is a blurry picture of the tortillas. I used a recipe I found online instead of my mom’s recipe because I wanted to try something different. That is the last time I do that. These tortillas were pretty dry and bland. My mom’s tortillas have a taste I could only describe as love. You want to seriously cuddle with her tortillas.

But anyways that was my meal and this is my first attempt back at writing stuff that no one but me cares about.


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