Being Human

I like the show Being Human. I don’t care if it’s the British or the American version. To me Science Fiction is universal. When the States try to take a sitcom from the British it fails because we (Americans) cannot do subtle dry wit. The closest we have is Curb Your Enthusiasm and even that has the characters in goofy situations at times that seem so bizarre. But with shows like Being Human I think it can be made in North America and be perfectly fine (of course I am saying this before the premiere of the American version of Torchwood so I may take all this back soon). My problem with the remake is why did they do it in the first place. There is nothing particularly British about the show. When I watch it I don’t feel lost on cultural references or anything. To me the storyline is simple. A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire live together and get into scary situations and learn the value of true friendship and blah blah blah

The only problem I have with the British version is the Vampire, Mitchell, seems a bit too American for my taste. He is this hip, greasy looking ladies man. I don’t think he is even attractive. I wish he was a bit more posh and arrogant. But other than that is it a great show. The American version is just as good because it’s THE EXACT SAME SHOW!!! The storyline is exactly the same so I already know what is going to happen. It would be easier is SyFy or whatever channel picked up the show would have gotten the original and just air that. I won’t quit watching the British version so I guess there is no point in me continuing to watch the American one. Yes there are small differences, like Gilbert being mod in the British version while the same ghost character is  a metal head in our version. And of course the vampire in the American version, Aidan, looks ridiculous.

Seriously, when did vampires get pouty ducky lips? I realize that Edward is freaking cute and ladies love him but you aren’t going to scare me with those manicured eyebrows, I don’t care how many people you drained. Isn’t that right gramps?

This is one of those shows that shouldn’t fall into that British vs American argument because they are the same. Now Skins and Shameless on the other hand…….yikes!

*let me add that I did watch the Doctor Who television movie made in San Francisco and it was bad but I still very much enjoyed it!


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