Baseball season and other adventures.

Last week I went to my first game of the season. The Blue Jays vs The A’s. Though I am a Blue Jay’s fan I was very excited to see Coco Crisp live. I know nothing about him except he has an amazing name and I wanted to scream it. The three blue icees I ate did not help.

This was the only picture I was able to take before my phone died. We were in the sixth row on the first base line. Foul balls scare me.

The day after the game the husband and I attended Ad Astra. It is some sort of science fiction convention with panels that discuss things like ‘how would you survive an apocalypse?’ and ‘doctor who costumes’. I have never attended a convention before but I assumed it would be a bunch of people dressed up crazy and standing around not doing much. I was wrong. There were so many interesting panels I was burned out after 4 hours and had to miss some of the ones I looked forward to. We attended all three days and I met a lot of very nice people. Again my phone was dead most of the time so I was only able to take a couple of pics.

I hope to attend more of these in the future. I was inspired to by some Redwall books and The Hunger Games (Collins) so I have a load of books to read this summer.

For now I am planning my trip to Montreal. On May 4th David Sedaris is doing a reading/signing for his book Squirrel seeks Chipmunk. This is a birthday present to myself and also one for my husband. My birthday is the week before the trip and hubbys birthday is the day I leave. As a gift he gets to have three days of doing whatever he wants without me lurking about the house wanting romantic dinners or attention. If he wanted he could roam around the house naked smoking crack and eating ice cream all day long. If he wanted.

I also hope to discover some good Montreal food I never tried and take a trip over to McGill University to look at the diary of Dr. Charles Sabin Taft. He was in the audience at Ford’s Theatre when Lincoln was shot. He also stayed with Lincoln through the night until he died. Then he ran home and wrote in his diary. (He later took part in Lincolns autopsy).I would love to see something so old and read the manuscript of that diary.

I love this sunny weather!!!


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