New Doctor Who

Of course after the loss of Elisabeth Sladen and the premier of the new seasons there is lots of talk about Doctor Who. I feel left out. I gave the new series with Matt Smith a chance. I watched the first 4 episodes but it just didn’t hold me every week. And with so many other shows on at the time I just gave up. The good thing about Doctor Who was the connection you felt. But with a new Doctor and new companion I didn’t have anything to draw me in every week. And I don’t think I care too much about River Song.

I know she is important in the Doctors life and all but she is just so damned boring! I will sit and watch it someday soon but for now there are so many things I need to read (I have my summer book list ready) and baseball season and outdoor activities. This Fall when it gets cold again I will sit down and get Who-ed out.

Speaking of reading I just started Stephanie Meyer’s The Host. I told my friends back home I already read it but instead I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels because those are some sexy trashy fantasy harlequin type novels. I think I am approaching the age where I am seriously considering a Danielle Steel addiction.


2 Responses to “New Doctor Who”

  1. Jess Says:

    Gosh your thick! I luv Doctor who and Matt smith is great!

  2. jankypanky Says:

    Actually I like to think of myself as pleasantly plump thank you!

    And the good thing about the Doctor is you can have opinions on different ones. I never said he was bad, in fact I do enjoy his energy and mean streak. I just don’t feel a connection. At least not one that makes me want to tune in every week. But as I said before, I will give it a go again once the weather is cold and I am indoors again.

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