Sunshine and Music

The new season of Doctor Who is premiering tonight. Just in time for me to turn off my tv and start listening to music again. Every Spring I get an itching to sit in the sun and listen to some tunes. This is my first Spring in Canada where I have an actual deck to sit on. Before I shared a back yard and I dislike strangers while I am sober.

Anyways today was the first day in a very long time where I didn’t have to wear a jacket or sweater of any kind. Once I got home I blasted the stereo.


I know when I am in a good mood because I want to listen to The Soft Machine. They use to be my prep band while I got dressed to go out drankin’. Now that I am sober they are my cleaning the house/dancing around music. I also bust out the ELO   when I am feeling extra funky. Last week I finished The Hunger Game trilogy and I got depressed. I wanted more. But now that the sun is out I am glad because I become an illiterate rib eating sun soaking beer drinking (one or two won’t kill me) moron.

Next week is my birthday and I asked the hubby to get me a patio chair for sun bathing. I already have my tanning towel, sun tan oil, and after tan lotion waiting for me. This is gonna be the best Spring/Summer yet!


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