My top 4 sexiest US presidents (and one surprise guest)

In America we don’t have handsome young prince’s to woo over. We have old men that are, more often than not, balding or out of shape. But that doesn’t stop a lady like me from looking! And once in a while we get lucky and get a stud leading our country. This has nothing to do with politics, it’s simply a list of who I find dreamy.

4. John F. Kennedy

Now I don’t personally think Johnny boy is all that sexy. Sure he is kinda young and yes, he has a great head of hair. The thing that makes him sexy to me is his wife. Having a pretty woman on your arms can make you 10 times more attractive! She was sexy enough for the both of them. Plus he had those sad eyes which bug me. It’s like his face is saying “Oh, I’ll never be good enough!” Lucky for him Jackie’s face is saying “Oh yes we will, just watch!!!”

3. Barack Obama

Of all the names in the world Barack is the worst! I am totally fine with the Obama part though. Maybe I am just sensitive. Anyways I must say I have never enjoyed watching a man walk until I saw this guy. He has the biggest sexiest strut I have ever seen in my life, and I have watched many men walk (being the stalker that I am). Most times when he is giving a speech or doing something I just watch so I could see him walk to the podium then I ignore all the boring politics and wait til he is done so I could watch him walk away. I wish the presidents job was just walking around shaking hands and waving at crowds. Like Miss America.

2. Calvin Coolidge

I don’t know much about this man except he is EXACTLY my type! I love myself a clean cut conservative looking older gentleman. I know he was a quiet man that kept to himself which makes me believe he has some freaky tendencies in private. Probably a slapping fetish? He also had Hitler hair styles and was a Nazi sympathizer which suggests something was not all there in his brain. What is it called when someone enjoys acting and dressing like a horse during sex? I call it The Coolidge.

1. Franklin Pierce

This is the sexiest and saddest president ever. He was a Northerner with Southern sympathies. He made all the wrong choices, supported all the losing sides in conflicts, became an alcoholic, and all three of his children died in childhood (one being decapitated in front of him in a train accident. His party (Democrats) abandoned him  and his marriage was ruined. He is known as one of the worse US presidents ever. But I’d still do him!

No list can be complete with who I think is one of the sexiest men of all time….

US treasurer : Alexander Hamilton

A man so sexy they put him on the $10 bill . He totally has Luke Perry eyes. And he was such a dashing fancy man. He and his wife had 8 children. And you know back in those days having kids was hard so I am assuming they had lots of sex. A virile young man with the sperm of a stallion. He also had a few affairs and after he retired published a confession of his affair with one particular lady in very graphic detail, shocking his family and the public. He don’t give a fuck, he’s Alexander Motherfuckin Hamilton!


2 Responses to “My top 4 sexiest US presidents (and one surprise guest)”

  1. kaiology Says:

    Speaking as a Coolidge blogger, I have seen many things but no ranking of him as one of the sexier presidents! So, thank you for that… while he certainly was no Nazi sympathizer (he was out before the Nazis came in) and can’t confirm the slapping fetish, although you may be interested to learn that he apparently always wore underwear three sizes too large. Go figure!

  2. jankypanky Says:

    Thanks for enjoying this post. I am not sure where I came up with the Nazi thing. I think I just took his signing of the Immigration Act and ran with it. I did get a big kick out of his large underwears though. I liked to imagine him not wearing any myself.

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