Doctor Who: The first and second doctor

I started to rewatch my Lost In Time dvd’s with feature stories from the first and second doctor. I must say I enjoy the second doctor much more. The first doctor seems too angry to even be awake.

I recently read an online rumor that William Hartnell was antisemitic and intolerant of other races but his own. I can believe it. If any of the Doctors were to be an old bigot I would guess this one. He really did not seem to care about anything. A companion would shriek “The Daleks are coming!!!!” and he would mumble something like “Seems so.” and just wonder about. He never really did much. Kinda let people save themselves. It was like he couldn’t be bothered. You can also tell deep down inside he wanted to watch Ian and Barbara die a slow agonizing death (this I can not fault him). Though personally Susan (his granddaughter) was the most annoying person on that show.

She thinks her gramps is the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s like, have you ever met a person who just went on and on about how great and smart their parents were but when you met them they were just conservative pompous assholes who were just reciting something they read in an Ann Coulter book? Or that friend who goes on about how smart her new boyfriend is but when you meet him he just talks about his band and how “deep” their lyrics are but of course you don’t understand them because you haven’t “really lived”?? No? Just me then?

Now the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, is my kinda Doctor. He is fun and friendly and is nicknamed the “cosmic hobo”. He also takes the time to explain things and wants to hear the facts before coming to a conclusion about a potential enemy. Of course I have only seen a few second Doctor episodes as they are hard to come by. But I LOVED The Tomb of the Cybermen story. Fantastic.

And we can’t discuss the second Doctor without talking about sexy ass Jamie McCrimmon.

Who doesn’t love a Scottish accent and a kilt? Plus he was always a gentleman to the ladies and would help a damsel in distress at any moment. Awwwwww.

I really wouldn’t mind an older Doctor and a male companion. Since the new series began the Doctor has one lady companion with the exception of a few special episodes. Why couldn’t Mickey or Capt Jack stay on for a whole season? I hear that Rory is now a full time companion but I haven’t watched the Matt Smith stories YET (except for the first three). I hope he stays. Or they pick up an alien companion. Maybe someone closer to my age (32)?


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