Summer 2011

I posted my Summer 2011 plans before. I believe they involved reading lots of books and taking a math class. Well the class thing is happening slowly but surely. If I was on the ball I would be done with this class by now but as it is I am a little over half way done. I have until October to finish this class so…

As for reading? Well, it’s hot. That’s my excuse. So what have I been doing? Here is a small list of my REAL Summer activities.

1. BBQ- I love meat. Various meats cooked on a grill. I make my own spicy bbq sauce because the kind at the store is too sweet. I just can’t eat sweet meats. There is something about pre-seasoned meats that just seems wrong. I am a bit uppity when it comes to meats. I like to buy mine from a local farmer so it costs a bit more but it tastes wonderful. And to be honest if you get grass fed beef from local farms you don’t even need spices to make it taste good.

2. Wigs! After watching the Fourth of July White House special and seeing Little Richard I did an extensive google search of him without a wig. There are no bald pictures of him so if anyone is reading this and enjoys stalking creepy old men, get on this. The Little Richard bald search lead to hours of me looking for/at random videos of wigs falling off people. It’s fascinating. I prefer real looking wigs falling off over drag queen wigs falling off. I think it’s because you just never know who is wearing a wig so seeing one fall off is a surprise.

3.Tanning. I have a deck right outside my bedroom where I have been tanning all Summer. Usually getting a tan is no big deal. In Sacramento just being outside will give you a nice glow year around. But here in Toronto the Winter lasts a good 7 months then you still have overcast skies for 2 months (they call it Spring and Fall) and so I have to take advantage of the sun while I can. Plus I need my vitamin D.

4. Next Gen. For some reason my love of Star Trek: The Next Generation has kicked in. This usually happens once every few years. I remember when I was a kid I loooooooved Yar. Then she got killed off and for some reason in my head I was positive it was a mistake and she would be back so I kept watching and waiting. Then I had this dream she died in real life and I got really depressed and stopped watching the show around the middle of the third season. Then I started watching the show again during syndication because I developed a crush on Wesley Crusher (who didn’t?). But I was still upset about Yar because I really wanted her and Data to have a romance (not just a one time fling due to mind altering virus). When I was younger I hated the episodes that focused on Riker or Worf. Very similar to my hatred of Quantum Leap episodes where Sam leaps into a soldier in war or an old man. BOOORING! (for a young girl).

5. Blue jays. It IS baseball season you know.

And that has been my summer so far. How is your?


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