Degrassi High (or Cursed School)

My roommate has the Degrassi High dvd’s so of course I had to watch them. Being raised in California, we didn’t have the luxury of watching such a dramatic show. We had  Head of the Class and Saved By The Bell. Ugh, don’t even get me started on how boring Head of the class was!!!!!


Anyways, this show is insane!!!!

A few girls at my  high school got pregnant but I didn’t know them. My friends and I were saints. I also think someone committed suicide but that could have been a rumor and she could have just moved. No one I knew got HIV from their first time having sex. I once thought I was anorexic but turns out I was just lactose intolerant and I stopped drinking the school lunch milk box (bastards!).

But at Degrassi EVERYTHING happens! The first episode dealt with abortion. Abortion! On my first day of high school I was worried about having to do P.E.

Then my roommate says to me “You think this is nuts? Watch Degrassi Junior High!”

In the words of my oldest sibling “WHEEZY-WEE!!!”  In jr high my biggest worry was having a flat chest (that worry carried on through high school and into adulthood).At this junior high girls dress slutty, people get knocked up, boys do drugs, girls get in cars with older men, and there is some lesbian hating going on. I didn’t try any of these things till I was in college.Canadians are fast.

Anyways I only watched the first season of Degrassi Junior High  but I highly suggest if you were unfortunate enough to not watch this show as a kid, watch it now!!  Even if you got this show on your local PBS station and watched it as a kid, watch it again. The American broadcasts of this show were edited.


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