I’m still alive

It’s been a few months since I did a post. It actually took me 15 min. to find the ‘add new post’ link on here. Thanks for changing things up on me wordpress.

I have been busy taking the Stanford free online AI and Machine Learning classes. I have no business taking those really. I know nothing about computers (thus 15. min to find link). Anyways I want to just take back a few things I may I have implied before about Matt Smith not being a good Doctor. I recently watched most of the first Smith series and I really like him. A lot. I defend him to any naysayers I come across. He is sly and has mood swings and a bit paranoid. All qualities I like in a man. And I especially like Rory.

He is more loyal than my chihuahua (who would turn on me for cookies or baby carrots). So, again, sorry if I questioned my Who loyalty. Will never happen again.

I have been very busy getting over the laziness of summer. I like to just sit around watching Ranma 1/2 and eating carne asadas all day and night. The one sad thing about Ranma 1/2 is that they change the theme song each series and I love that catchy first season tune. I will admit, I can fake sing all the words.

I have watched this show since 1996 and have yet to finish the whole thing. It’s loooooooooooong. My favorite character is girl Ranma, of course. Sassy!  I prefer the subtitled version over the dubbed one. It’s just better. Also, while speaking of anime, I came across a subtitled version of Sailor Moon when all the scouts are killed by Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon is thinking about how she wished she had an ordinary life as she dies.It’s very sad and touching and I cried. But of course I never saw this before because in the American Version all the Sailor Scouts help her and she wins. She never dies. And she says “Beryl is blasted back to the megaverse and we are safe once again!” and there is a cheesy song with lyrics like “the battles won” and stuff. Americans!


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