2012- I want a (specific) child.

Welcome to 2012. I am not gonna bother doing a 2011 round up. I spent the last few days of 2011 making a complete ass of myself. I drank champagne , fuzziness, then spilled Earl Grey tea all over my Macbook. The very same laptop I bought myself for Christmas 2 years ago. Good Job!

If I really think about it that was probably the best way to end the year. For all the good things I accomplished I can think of a million more small regrets (that $80 haircut in November being just one of them). Anyways, new year, new Shalome.

I decided this year less drinks, more tv. The husband and I started a tradition of watching Blade Runner after the New Years countdown then spending the first few days of the year watching Star Trek.

Season 5 and 6 of Next Gen really makes my biological clock tick. I want a child. Not a baby, a small Klingon child. With a cute pot belly, velvet unitard, and shoulder length straight hair.I want him to have an attitude problem than I can snap him out of. A little sass mouth, crazy forehead child. And if you think I would spoil my child like Beverly Crusher you have another thing coming! I would be strict and mean and let him know whose boss ’round here. Even if I have to growl from time to time.




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