End of January round-up

So I began this year with the same “this is the NEW Shalome” as I do every year. I even wrote down my resolutions. Now lets see how many of them I actually accomplished shall we?

1. No more drinking: Easy enough. I stopped going out and have no social life so..

2.No smoking cigarette: Let’s just say I had a bit of stress during my lady time and leave it at that shall we?

3. Wake up earlier: Okay, if I would have known that for some reason I would be going to bed much much later that usual I wouldn’t have even bothered with this one. Seriously, I will lay down at like 2am and not fall asleep till 7am. What’s up with that?

4.Gym at least 2x a week: PFFT! More like 2x a month. It’s freakin cold outside. Who wants to put on 8 layers of clothes to go to the gym? Tell me that!!

5. Use sunlamp: That one is also pretty easy. It’s next to my computer and since I am here all day..

6. Read at least one book a month: Now I know all you smarty pants are laughing at me but shut up!! I am busy doing homework, laundry, cleaning, cooking, watching videos of chihuahuas doing stuff, and staring at my sunlamp. It’s hard to just sit down and read. But I did it this month! I read my husbands book Technicolor Ultra Mall. If you haven’t read it yet you are missing out. Luckily for me the moment I finished I got to run downstairs and talk to the author himself. I had so many comments and questions. It was like having my own little book club. But seriously, READ IT!

7.Write in my journal more: I keep forgetting I even have a journal. Mainly I use it when I wanna vent. When I am in a good mood the last thing I wanna do is brag to myself about it. I hate show offs.

8. Call mom once a week: I am a horrible horrible daughter.

9. Tell Ryan I love him once a day no matter how mad he makes me: Okay, unless you are in a long term relationship you won’t realize how incredibly hard this one is. I think it lasted 3 days. Especially when I am discombobulated and can’t accomplish the simplest tasks then he does them in 2 seconds and explains how easy it was. I just wanna punch him in the face.

10. No punching people in the face: I have great self restraint.

4 out of 10-pretty good!


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