Futuristic Past

Have you ever found something that made you so happy you cried? Something that made you think you were missing something in your life without realizing it? That is how I felt when I walked into Ryan’s office and heard this…

It’s music for plants. I have always enjoyed crazy ideas from the past. I remember as a child I saw a very old ad in a magazine for a phone that lets you see the person you are talking to. I was AMAZED. That is until I looked closer and saw it was just a phone with a photo album attached to the top. The idea of talking to someone and seeing them in real time from two separate locations is just impossible. IMPOSSIBLE I SAY!!!!

I really get a kick from some of the ideas we had of our future in the past. Food replication. Really. We would have a machine in our homes that gives up whatever we ask for. We must all be billionaires. I find this idea to be really interesting now when many people are into farm fresh, organic, kosher, REAL food. Many people I know go to farmers markets, bakeries, and local butchers. I am sure if I offered someone a nice salad from my new Monsanto food replicator they would punch me in the face and set everything on fire.(I was wrong about the video phone thing so who know?)

And lets not get started on flying cars.


I find the Jetsons to be very sterile and interesting. The family with a working father, one child of each sex, and a wife that shops all day. A world where you don’t need to walk, cook, clean, or help your child in school. Machines replace any kind of human bonding. If I lived in this world I would be a hobo. In the past I have been a teacher, janitor, support worker for nurses, and housekeeper. All replaced by robots. Why is it that the jobs that require physical labor and/or human contact are always the ones replaced by robots while office jobs (you know, the ones that requires someone to sit behind a computer or machine tapping buttons) are still done by humans? George Jetsons just hits a button. Sometimes two buttons. Do you really think the jobs that require the most physical labor and least pay will be the ones replaced first? Just adding multiple sensory functions to these robots would cost a fortune! Let’s say you have a robot house cleaner. It would need to be able to handle something as heavy as a table and as light as an empty glass. Then it gets more complicated. Is the table full of books? Is the glass full of water? I really don’t think Rosie could figure all that out. She looks kinda janky.


And where are the hobos anyways? Still on the polluted planet? Perhaps in Sacramento?


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