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Futuristic Past

March 8, 2012

Have you ever found something that made you so happy you cried? Something that made you think you were missing something in your life without realizing it? That is how I felt when I walked into Ryan’s office and heard this…

It’s music for plants. I have always enjoyed crazy ideas from the past. I remember as a child I saw a very old ad in a magazine for a phone that lets you see the person you are talking to. I was AMAZED. That is until I looked closer and saw it was just a phone with a photo album attached to the top. The idea of talking to someone and seeing them in real time from two separate locations is just impossible. IMPOSSIBLE I SAY!!!!

I really get a kick from some of the ideas we had of our future in the past. Food replication. Really. We would have a machine in our homes that gives up whatever we ask for. We must all be billionaires. I find this idea to be really interesting now when many people are into farm fresh, organic, kosher, REAL food. Many people I know go to farmers markets, bakeries, and local butchers. I am sure if I offered someone a nice salad from my new Monsanto food replicator they would punch me in the face and set everything on fire.(I was wrong about the video phone thing so who know?)

And lets not get started on flying cars.


I find the Jetsons to be very sterile and interesting. The family with a working father, one child of each sex, and a wife that shops all day. A world where you don’t need to walk, cook, clean, or help your child in school. Machines replace any kind of human bonding. If I lived in this world I would be a hobo. In the past I have been a teacher, janitor, support worker for nurses, and housekeeper. All replaced by robots. Why is it that the jobs that require physical labor and/or human contact are always the ones replaced by robots while office jobs (you know, the ones that requires someone to sit behind a computer or machine tapping buttons) are still done by humans? George Jetsons just hits a button. Sometimes two buttons. Do you really think the jobs that require the most physical labor and least pay will be the ones replaced first? Just adding multiple sensory functions to these robots would cost a fortune! Let’s say you have a robot house cleaner. It would need to be able to handle something as heavy as a table and as light as an empty glass. Then it gets more complicated. Is the table full of books? Is the glass full of water? I really don’t think Rosie could figure all that out. She looks kinda janky.


And where are the hobos anyways? Still on the polluted planet? Perhaps in Sacramento?

End of January round-up

January 31, 2012

So I began this year with the same “this is the NEW Shalome” as I do every year. I even wrote down my resolutions. Now lets see how many of them I actually accomplished shall we?

1. No more drinking: Easy enough. I stopped going out and have no social life so..

2.No smoking cigarette: Let’s just say I had a bit of stress during my lady time and leave it at that shall we?

3. Wake up earlier: Okay, if I would have known that for some reason I would be going to bed much much later that usual I wouldn’t have even bothered with this one. Seriously, I will lay down at like 2am and not fall asleep till 7am. What’s up with that?

4.Gym at least 2x a week: PFFT! More like 2x a month. It’s freakin cold outside. Who wants to put on 8 layers of clothes to go to the gym? Tell me that!!

5. Use sunlamp: That one is also pretty easy. It’s next to my computer and since I am here all day..

6. Read at least one book a month: Now I know all you smarty pants are laughing at me but shut up!! I am busy doing homework, laundry, cleaning, cooking, watching videos of chihuahuas doing stuff, and staring at my sunlamp. It’s hard to just sit down and read. But I did it this month! I read my husbands book Technicolor Ultra Mall. If you haven’t read it yet you are missing out. Luckily for me the moment I finished I got to run downstairs and talk to the author himself. I had so many comments and questions. It was like having my own little book club. But seriously, READ IT!

7.Write in my journal more: I keep forgetting I even have a journal. Mainly I use it when I wanna vent. When I am in a good mood the last thing I wanna do is brag to myself about it. I hate show offs.

8. Call mom once a week: I am a horrible horrible daughter.

9. Tell Ryan I love him once a day no matter how mad he makes me: Okay, unless you are in a long term relationship you won’t realize how incredibly hard this one is. I think it lasted 3 days. Especially when I am discombobulated and can’t accomplish the simplest tasks then he does them in 2 seconds and explains how easy it was. I just wanna punch him in the face.

10. No punching people in the face: I have great self restraint.

4 out of 10-pretty good!

2012- I want a (specific) child.

January 10, 2012

Welcome to 2012. I am not gonna bother doing a 2011 round up. I spent the last few days of 2011 making a complete ass of myself. I drank champagne , fuzziness, then spilled Earl Grey tea all over my Macbook. The very same laptop I bought myself for Christmas 2 years ago. Good Job!

If I really think about it that was probably the best way to end the year. For all the good things I accomplished I can think of a million more small regrets (that $80 haircut in November being just one of them). Anyways, new year, new Shalome.

I decided this year less drinks, more tv. The husband and I started a tradition of watching Blade Runner after the New Years countdown then spending the first few days of the year watching Star Trek.

Season 5 and 6 of Next Gen really makes my biological clock tick. I want a child. Not a baby, a small Klingon child. With a cute pot belly, velvet unitard, and shoulder length straight hair.I want him to have an attitude problem than I can snap him out of. A little sass mouth, crazy forehead child. And if you think I would spoil my child like Beverly Crusher you have another thing coming! I would be strict and mean and let him know whose boss ’round here. Even if I have to growl from time to time.



The Doctor Who movie

December 2, 2011

I recently got my greedy little hands on a bunch of 80’s Doctor Who episodes including the TV movie.  I have seen it before and I really enjoy it. I like the fact it is suppose to take place in San Francisco but is filmed in Vancouver so they don’t show any of the Bay Area landmarks we have all grown to love. And having Eric Roberts as a bad guy is good since he has such an ugly creepy face anyways. But lets focus on Paul McGann.

I find him sexy in a strange old man way. I don’t know why. Is it the hair? Those unamused eyes?  There is just something about him I am very fascinated by. But why? WHY?!?!?!


I’m still alive

November 15, 2011

It’s been a few months since I did a post. It actually took me 15 min. to find the ‘add new post’ link on here. Thanks for changing things up on me wordpress.

I have been busy taking the Stanford free online AI and Machine Learning classes. I have no business taking those really. I know nothing about computers (thus 15. min to find link). Anyways I want to just take back a few things I may I have implied before about Matt Smith not being a good Doctor. I recently watched most of the first Smith series and I really like him. A lot. I defend him to any naysayers I come across. He is sly and has mood swings and a bit paranoid. All qualities I like in a man. And I especially like Rory.

He is more loyal than my chihuahua (who would turn on me for cookies or baby carrots). So, again, sorry if I questioned my Who loyalty. Will never happen again.

I have been very busy getting over the laziness of summer. I like to just sit around watching Ranma 1/2 and eating carne asadas all day and night. The one sad thing about Ranma 1/2 is that they change the theme song each series and I love that catchy first season tune. I will admit, I can fake sing all the words.

I have watched this show since 1996 and have yet to finish the whole thing. It’s loooooooooooong. My favorite character is girl Ranma, of course. Sassy!  I prefer the subtitled version over the dubbed one. It’s just better. Also, while speaking of anime, I came across a subtitled version of Sailor Moon when all the scouts are killed by Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon is thinking about how she wished she had an ordinary life as she dies.It’s very sad and touching and I cried. But of course I never saw this before because in the American Version all the Sailor Scouts help her and she wins. She never dies. And she says “Beryl is blasted back to the megaverse and we are safe once again!” and there is a cheesy song with lyrics like “the battles won” and stuff. Americans!

Degrassi High (or Cursed School)

August 7, 2011

My roommate has the Degrassi High dvd’s so of course I had to watch them. Being raised in California, we didn’t have the luxury of watching such a dramatic show. We had  Head of the Class and Saved By The Bell. Ugh, don’t even get me started on how boring Head of the class was!!!!!


Anyways, this show is insane!!!!

A few girls at my  high school got pregnant but I didn’t know them. My friends and I were saints. I also think someone committed suicide but that could have been a rumor and she could have just moved. No one I knew got HIV from their first time having sex. I once thought I was anorexic but turns out I was just lactose intolerant and I stopped drinking the school lunch milk box (bastards!).

But at Degrassi EVERYTHING happens! The first episode dealt with abortion. Abortion! On my first day of high school I was worried about having to do P.E.

Then my roommate says to me “You think this is nuts? Watch Degrassi Junior High!”

In the words of my oldest sibling “WHEEZY-WEE!!!”  In jr high my biggest worry was having a flat chest (that worry carried on through high school and into adulthood).At this junior high girls dress slutty, people get knocked up, boys do drugs, girls get in cars with older men, and there is some lesbian hating going on. I didn’t try any of these things till I was in college.Canadians are fast.

Anyways I only watched the first season of Degrassi Junior High  but I highly suggest if you were unfortunate enough to not watch this show as a kid, watch it now!!  Even if you got this show on your local PBS station and watched it as a kid, watch it again. The American broadcasts of this show were edited.

Summer 2011

July 31, 2011

I posted my Summer 2011 plans before. I believe they involved reading lots of books and taking a math class. Well the class thing is happening slowly but surely. If I was on the ball I would be done with this class by now but as it is I am a little over half way done. I have until October to finish this class so…

As for reading? Well, it’s hot. That’s my excuse. So what have I been doing? Here is a small list of my REAL Summer activities.

1. BBQ- I love meat. Various meats cooked on a grill. I make my own spicy bbq sauce because the kind at the store is too sweet. I just can’t eat sweet meats. There is something about pre-seasoned meats that just seems wrong. I am a bit uppity when it comes to meats. I like to buy mine from a local farmer so it costs a bit more but it tastes wonderful. And to be honest if you get grass fed beef from local farms you don’t even need spices to make it taste good.

2. Wigs! After watching the Fourth of July White House special and seeing Little Richard I did an extensive google search of him without a wig. There are no bald pictures of him so if anyone is reading this and enjoys stalking creepy old men, get on this. The Little Richard bald search lead to hours of me looking for/at random videos of wigs falling off people. It’s fascinating. I prefer real looking wigs falling off over drag queen wigs falling off. I think it’s because you just never know who is wearing a wig so seeing one fall off is a surprise.

3.Tanning. I have a deck right outside my bedroom where I have been tanning all Summer. Usually getting a tan is no big deal. In Sacramento just being outside will give you a nice glow year around. But here in Toronto the Winter lasts a good 7 months then you still have overcast skies for 2 months (they call it Spring and Fall) and so I have to take advantage of the sun while I can. Plus I need my vitamin D.

4. Next Gen. For some reason my love of Star Trek: The Next Generation has kicked in. This usually happens once every few years. I remember when I was a kid I loooooooved Yar. Then she got killed off and for some reason in my head I was positive it was a mistake and she would be back so I kept watching and waiting. Then I had this dream she died in real life and I got really depressed and stopped watching the show around the middle of the third season. Then I started watching the show again during syndication because I developed a crush on Wesley Crusher (who didn’t?). But I was still upset about Yar because I really wanted her and Data to have a romance (not just a one time fling due to mind altering virus). When I was younger I hated the episodes that focused on Riker or Worf. Very similar to my hatred of Quantum Leap episodes where Sam leaps into a soldier in war or an old man. BOOORING! (for a young girl).

5. Blue jays. It IS baseball season you know.

And that has been my summer so far. How is your?

Doctor Who: The first and second doctor

May 22, 2011

I started to rewatch my Lost In Time dvd’s with feature stories from the first and second doctor. I must say I enjoy the second doctor much more. The first doctor seems too angry to even be awake.

I recently read an online rumor that William Hartnell was antisemitic and intolerant of other races but his own. I can believe it. If any of the Doctors were to be an old bigot I would guess this one. He really did not seem to care about anything. A companion would shriek “The Daleks are coming!!!!” and he would mumble something like “Seems so.” and just wonder about. He never really did much. Kinda let people save themselves. It was like he couldn’t be bothered. You can also tell deep down inside he wanted to watch Ian and Barbara die a slow agonizing death (this I can not fault him). Though personally Susan (his granddaughter) was the most annoying person on that show.

She thinks her gramps is the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s like, have you ever met a person who just went on and on about how great and smart their parents were but when you met them they were just conservative pompous assholes who were just reciting something they read in an Ann Coulter book? Or that friend who goes on about how smart her new boyfriend is but when you meet him he just talks about his band and how “deep” their lyrics are but of course you don’t understand them because you haven’t “really lived”?? No? Just me then?

Now the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, is my kinda Doctor. He is fun and friendly and is nicknamed the “cosmic hobo”. He also takes the time to explain things and wants to hear the facts before coming to a conclusion about a potential enemy. Of course I have only seen a few second Doctor episodes as they are hard to come by. But I LOVED The Tomb of the Cybermen story. Fantastic.

And we can’t discuss the second Doctor without talking about sexy ass Jamie McCrimmon.

Who doesn’t love a Scottish accent and a kilt? Plus he was always a gentleman to the ladies and would help a damsel in distress at any moment. Awwwwww.

I really wouldn’t mind an older Doctor and a male companion. Since the new series began the Doctor has one lady companion with the exception of a few special episodes. Why couldn’t Mickey or Capt Jack stay on for a whole season? I hear that Rory is now a full time companion but I haven’t watched the Matt Smith stories YET (except for the first three). I hope he stays. Or they pick up an alien companion. Maybe someone closer to my age (32)?

My top 4 sexiest US presidents (and one surprise guest)

April 29, 2011

In America we don’t have handsome young prince’s to woo over. We have old men that are, more often than not, balding or out of shape. But that doesn’t stop a lady like me from looking! And once in a while we get lucky and get a stud leading our country. This has nothing to do with politics, it’s simply a list of who I find dreamy.

4. John F. Kennedy

Now I don’t personally think Johnny boy is all that sexy. Sure he is kinda young and yes, he has a great head of hair. The thing that makes him sexy to me is his wife. Having a pretty woman on your arms can make you 10 times more attractive! She was sexy enough for the both of them. Plus he had those sad eyes which bug me. It’s like his face is saying “Oh, I’ll never be good enough!” Lucky for him Jackie’s face is saying “Oh yes we will, just watch!!!”

3. Barack Obama

Of all the names in the world Barack is the worst! I am totally fine with the Obama part though. Maybe I am just sensitive. Anyways I must say I have never enjoyed watching a man walk until I saw this guy. He has the biggest sexiest strut I have ever seen in my life, and I have watched many men walk (being the stalker that I am). Most times when he is giving a speech or doing something I just watch so I could see him walk to the podium then I ignore all the boring politics and wait til he is done so I could watch him walk away. I wish the presidents job was just walking around shaking hands and waving at crowds. Like Miss America.

2. Calvin Coolidge

I don’t know much about this man except he is EXACTLY my type! I love myself a clean cut conservative looking older gentleman. I know he was a quiet man that kept to himself which makes me believe he has some freaky tendencies in private. Probably a slapping fetish? He also had Hitler hair styles and was a Nazi sympathizer which suggests something was not all there in his brain. What is it called when someone enjoys acting and dressing like a horse during sex? I call it The Coolidge.

1. Franklin Pierce

This is the sexiest and saddest president ever. He was a Northerner with Southern sympathies. He made all the wrong choices, supported all the losing sides in conflicts, became an alcoholic, and all three of his children died in childhood (one being decapitated in front of him in a train accident. His party (Democrats) abandoned him  and his marriage was ruined. He is known as one of the worse US presidents ever. But I’d still do him!

No list can be complete with who I think is one of the sexiest men of all time….

US treasurer : Alexander Hamilton

A man so sexy they put him on the $10 bill . He totally has Luke Perry eyes. And he was such a dashing fancy man. He and his wife had 8 children. And you know back in those days having kids was hard so I am assuming they had lots of sex. A virile young man with the sperm of a stallion. He also had a few affairs and after he retired published a confession of his affair with one particular lady in very graphic detail, shocking his family and the public. He don’t give a fuck, he’s Alexander Motherfuckin Hamilton!

New Doctor Who

April 24, 2011

Of course after the loss of Elisabeth Sladen and the premier of the new seasons there is lots of talk about Doctor Who. I feel left out. I gave the new series with Matt Smith a chance. I watched the first 4 episodes but it just didn’t hold me every week. And with so many other shows on at the time I just gave up. The good thing about Doctor Who was the connection you felt. But with a new Doctor and new companion I didn’t have anything to draw me in every week. And I don’t think I care too much about River Song.

I know she is important in the Doctors life and all but she is just so damned boring! I will sit and watch it someday soon but for now there are so many things I need to read (I have my summer book list ready) and baseball season and outdoor activities. This Fall when it gets cold again I will sit down and get Who-ed out.

Speaking of reading I just started Stephanie Meyer’s The Host. I told my friends back home I already read it but instead I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels because those are some sexy trashy fantasy harlequin type novels. I think I am approaching the age where I am seriously considering a Danielle Steel addiction.