Sunshine and Music

April 24, 2011

The new season of Doctor Who is premiering tonight. Just in time for me to turn off my tv and start listening to music again. Every Spring I get an itching to sit in the sun and listen to some tunes. This is my first Spring in Canada where I have an actual deck to sit on. Before I shared a back yard and I dislike strangers while I am sober.

Anyways today was the first day in a very long time where I didn’t have to wear a jacket or sweater of any kind. Once I got home I blasted the stereo.


I know when I am in a good mood because I want to listen to The Soft Machine. They use to be my prep band while I got dressed to go out drankin’. Now that I am sober they are my cleaning the house/dancing around music. I also bust out the ELO   when I am feeling extra funky. Last week I finished The Hunger Game trilogy and I got depressed. I wanted more. But now that the sun is out I am glad because I become an illiterate rib eating sun soaking beer drinking (one or two won’t kill me) moron.

Next week is my birthday and I asked the hubby to get me a patio chair for sun bathing. I already have my tanning towel, sun tan oil, and after tan lotion waiting for me. This is gonna be the best Spring/Summer yet!

Baseball season and other adventures.

April 12, 2011

Last week I went to my first game of the season. The Blue Jays vs The A’s. Though I am a Blue Jay’s fan I was very excited to see Coco Crisp live. I know nothing about him except he has an amazing name and I wanted to scream it. The three blue icees I ate did not help.

This was the only picture I was able to take before my phone died. We were in the sixth row on the first base line. Foul balls scare me.

The day after the game the husband and I attended Ad Astra. It is some sort of science fiction convention with panels that discuss things like ‘how would you survive an apocalypse?’ and ‘doctor who costumes’. I have never attended a convention before but I assumed it would be a bunch of people dressed up crazy and standing around not doing much. I was wrong. There were so many interesting panels I was burned out after 4 hours and had to miss some of the ones I looked forward to. We attended all three days and I met a lot of very nice people. Again my phone was dead most of the time so I was only able to take a couple of pics.

I hope to attend more of these in the future. I was inspired to by some Redwall books and The Hunger Games (Collins) so I have a load of books to read this summer.

For now I am planning my trip to Montreal. On May 4th David Sedaris is doing a reading/signing for his book Squirrel seeks Chipmunk. This is a birthday present to myself and also one for my husband. My birthday is the week before the trip and hubbys birthday is the day I leave. As a gift he gets to have three days of doing whatever he wants without me lurking about the house wanting romantic dinners or attention. If he wanted he could roam around the house naked smoking crack and eating ice cream all day long. If he wanted.

I also hope to discover some good Montreal food I never tried and take a trip over to McGill University to look at the diary of Dr. Charles Sabin Taft. He was in the audience at Ford’s Theatre when Lincoln was shot. He also stayed with Lincoln through the night until he died. Then he ran home and wrote in his diary. (He later took part in Lincolns autopsy).I would love to see something so old and read the manuscript of that diary.

I love this sunny weather!!!

Being Human

April 7, 2011

I like the show Being Human. I don’t care if it’s the British or the American version. To me Science Fiction is universal. When the States try to take a sitcom from the British it fails because we (Americans) cannot do subtle dry wit. The closest we have is Curb Your Enthusiasm and even that has the characters in goofy situations at times that seem so bizarre. But with shows like Being Human I think it can be made in North America and be perfectly fine (of course I am saying this before the premiere of the American version of Torchwood so I may take all this back soon). My problem with the remake is why did they do it in the first place. There is nothing particularly British about the show. When I watch it I don’t feel lost on cultural references or anything. To me the storyline is simple. A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire live together and get into scary situations and learn the value of true friendship and blah blah blah

The only problem I have with the British version is the Vampire, Mitchell, seems a bit too American for my taste. He is this hip, greasy looking ladies man. I don’t think he is even attractive. I wish he was a bit more posh and arrogant. But other than that is it a great show. The American version is just as good because it’s THE EXACT SAME SHOW!!! The storyline is exactly the same so I already know what is going to happen. It would be easier is SyFy or whatever channel picked up the show would have gotten the original and just air that. I won’t quit watching the British version so I guess there is no point in me continuing to watch the American one. Yes there are small differences, like Gilbert being mod in the British version while the same ghost character is  a metal head in our version. And of course the vampire in the American version, Aidan, looks ridiculous.

Seriously, when did vampires get pouty ducky lips? I realize that Edward is freaking cute and ladies love him but you aren’t going to scare me with those manicured eyebrows, I don’t care how many people you drained. Isn’t that right gramps?

This is one of those shows that shouldn’t fall into that British vs American argument because they are the same. Now Skins and Shameless on the other hand…….yikes!

*let me add that I did watch the Doctor Who television movie made in San Francisco and it was bad but I still very much enjoyed it!

I likes food

April 6, 2011

So I decided to stop writing. I got hit with the winter blues and all I wanted to do was eat and watch Roseanne. And I did. Then today I made Pork Green Chili and thought I need to share this with the world.

Pork green chili is one of those dishes that looks horrid but tastes oh so good. Separately everything in it is pretty. Shredded pork, tomatillos, poblano and hatch peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc. Everything looks and smells so nice and fresh. Then you simmer if for a few hours and it looks like vomit. It’s the opposite of my husband so looks great on the outside but is a total………nevermind.

With the pork green chili I made spanish rice (my mom’s recipe) and tortillas. I made the dough for the tortillas but my roommate Amie have to roll them out because I have weak toddler arms and couldn’t get them flat enough. My tortilla looked more like pita. But the rest looked (and tasted) good.

This is a blurry picture of the tortillas. I used a recipe I found online instead of my mom’s recipe because I wanted to try something different. That is the last time I do that. These tortillas were pretty dry and bland. My mom’s tortillas have a taste I could only describe as love. You want to seriously cuddle with her tortillas.

But anyways that was my meal and this is my first attempt back at writing stuff that no one but me cares about.


December 20, 2010

So today I was told that perhaps I have SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This did not cross my mind. I mean sure, I have been sleeping in until 4pm with a total of 11 hours of sleep per night. And yes, I have no energy. I spend one day a week cooking/cleaning/and shopping while the rest of the week I am too tired to get off the couch. And for the past few weeks I have been emotional and sensitive. But I still didn’t realize anything was wrong.

My theory was snow makes me lazy. And who doesn’t enjoy cuddling on the couch on a cold blustery day?

But I am glad I found out this laziness and bad mood isn’t my typical manner. I am glad my friend didn’t just say “Well, thats Shalome.” and move on. Now I know there are things I need to do to get my life back on track.

Just last month I was hitting the gym at least twice a week, drinking blended fruit juice, doing tai chi, and so on. Lately I have been watching Christmas themed movies on the W network (Canada’s version of Lifetime). The one I saw last night starred  Linda Hamilton as some divorcee that gets mugged, loses everything, and sleeps in her car. But she has her pride and during a montage she works out on stairs, studies for her realtors license at the library, and finds great clothes for free at a shelter. She gets her life back together just in time for Christmas.

Thats what I need to do.


Winter 2010 hobbies

November 20, 2010

I decided I would like to get into things before the snow comes. Staring at the tv is fine if you have company, but alone it is just sad. Unless there is a Roseanne marathon on. That requires my full attention. Since my braces came off I have been playing the clarinet more. I even learned ‘O Canada’. Since I don’t have a printer I have to write out the music myself.

I have also tried to learn the oboe but I believe the F key is broken. Luckily I get to take it into the shop for free.

My second new hobby is in-home walking. I know I have been doing this for years but I usually quit in the Summer. It gets too hot indoors. But I am back. So with the walking and going to Curves three times a week I should be healthy and fit in no time. I must admit I did eat three tostadas today which did not help.

My third winter hobby is making ships in bottles.

I ordered two kits and I can’t wait to begin. I have always admired people on tv making them. They are so cool and little and junk.

My fourth hobby is gonna be learning algebra. I have plenty of free time at night when the gym is closed and people are sleeping so I can’t play any music. Algebra has been a thorn in my side since 1994 when I failed my first algebra class. I need to win. I can’t let stupid math beat me.

There are also things I wanna continue doing like jarring pickles/salsa/jams, reading vampire novels, writing more stuff here, and such.

Today was a lazy day, I just helped the hubby by putting paint on his nose.

*Pats self on back*


November 14, 2010

It is cold and I have been very uninspired.All I can do is make tea and watch Reese Witherspoon movies.I am not sad, just bored. I ordered a couple of Algebra text books so I could learn on my own. That is something to look forward to. I may even make the hubby and roommate a nice American Thanksgiving dinner this month. I might even put on a play with the Indians and Pilgrams first Thanksgiving dinner.

Until then I will watch Queenie

Tales of Bruno

August 18, 2010

Ever since Bruno ran away last November I have been haunted by nightmares he would return at my window and force himself back into my life. He was one of the most difficult roommates I ever had. He would pee all over my stuff, jump on the tv and counters, knock everything over, and bite. He would also return home late at night covered in blood after hunting and killing some poor unsuspecting animal.

My friends tried to reassure me he was long dead, killed either by the Canadian winter or the Toronto killer racoons. I never believed them. I could feel Brunos evil presence in my bones. I knew he was out there somewhere and today I saw him.

At first, after I recognized him, I considered walking across the street and pretending the sighting never happened. Then I thought “what if it’s not him? I don’t wanna go around being scared for no reason.” So I called his name and sure enough he came running towards me like a long lost best friend. He rubbed himself against me and tried to climb up my purse. After a few pets and pictures I needed an exit strategy.

Its like running into an old flame at the bar. You are drunk, they are drunk, you guys are chatting, how is this gonna end? Will you walk away with your dignity or wake up the next day with your mistake?

Luckily Bruno got distracted by something moving in some bushes and I walked/ran away not looking back. I am happy to see him alive but happier knowing he isn’t ruining my life.

Godspeed Bruno.

Getting away

July 14, 2010

I went to the lake with my grumpus to visit the in-laws. They live in a beautiful small town resort type of thing. Lots of places to swim and tan.

It was very romantic. The hubby did a more detailed post here. He is better at explaining stuff. All I know is that I finally got to swim in a lovely warm lake. I am use to the American/ Sacramento Rivers and Lake Tahoe where no matter how hot it is the water is freezing. I am not sure what lake I was at this time but I loved it. It felt perfect.

I am not a city person. Sacramento is more of a tiny town full of trees. I enjoy the clean air and quiet scenery. I currently live near  very busy streets, between Bloor and  College street. When I think of Toronto I think of my apartment. When I think of my apartment I think of cement. Hot, muggy, smelly cement.  I have tried going to the park but Trinity Bellwoods is next to Queen street, which in my opinion is a dirty pisshole of a street. It’s full of crazies and shoppers. The park itself is full of teenagers looking for a place to drink. At night it is tolerable but during the day time, my most moody time, it is nerve racking.

Being able to leave town and spend some relaxing time with my new family was much needed. I came back into the city refreshed. The hubby and I decided we won’t wait another year for a trip away.

This summer we are gonna have us some adventures

dear diary

July 5, 2010

Thursday, July 31, 2008

soul food-i recently discovered broadway soul food on the corner of 35th and of course broadway. i have lived on 33rd/32nd street for about 7ish years now and i have seen the broadway soul food sign almost everyday yet it did not occur to me that this place might sell soul food. but it does. oh boy it does! i went there for the first time last weekend and they already know me by name. i cant get enough of this place which does not go well with shalomes summer swim suit diet. i recommend this place if you enjoy fried catfish or just watching a cute guy with cornrows baking a 2 ft chocolate cake.

spider bites- i have a few and they do not feel good. janell believes i have a spider colony out to get me but i think there is one asshole racist spider who decided to become my roommate. i saw him once just looking at me shaking a tiny fist. i would have got him if i wasnt such a chicken shit and started screaming running out the room while pissing my pants a bit. i am scared of spiders. thats it. there is nothing that could be done about this. and biting me does not help matters. like bees and asians i hear they are more scared of you then you are of them. but seriously,spiders. they are fast. they have zillion legs. and now they bite.

canada- again. i know. its sad. i leave on monday with a layover in atlanta when i return. im thinking about staying in atlanta for a few days. maybe. like spiders, bees, and asians, those southern folks kinda scare me. i know they stopped lynching but with my luck it would become fashionable the moment i arrive. “we kill california liberals now”,but of course. again,as always if anyone wants maple candy or postcards hit me up.